Board Walk Spa


Spa Pedicure- (55 minutes) This service begins with a whirlpool foot

bath soak formulated to cleanse, soften, and condition your feet. The

soak is followed by a foot and leg massage.  Toe nails are then trimmed,

shaped, and smoothed buff, followed by a callous exfoliation.


Shellac (gel) Pedicure - (1hr, 15 min)  Full Spa Pedicure followed by a

Shellac (gel) polish application.









Young Teen pedicure- (25 minutes) A shorter version of the spa

pedicure, this service includes a whirlpool foot bath, toe nail trim,

shaping, and smooth buff.



Anti-Stress Foot Therapy- (one hour, 15 minutes) This treatment begins

with a whirlpool foot bath in a special soak (tea tree oil, eucalyptus and

vitamin E- all anti-inflammatory agents) with a special botanical cream

to help calm yourmuscles and moisturize. We encase your feet with

warm towels, and you willrelax while the botanical cream penetrates

your muscles.



Paraffin Pedicure- (one hour, 15 minutes) A spa pedicure is followed up

with the application of a paraffin wax treatment which will infuse natural

oil into the feet, skin and nails leaving them completely hydrated.



Sea Clay Pedicure- (one hour, 15 minutes) A spa pedicure is followed

by the application of a rich detoxifying & softening sea clay to the feet

which are then wrapped in warm towels.