Board Walk Spa

Lactic Acid Peel



This peel leaves skin smooth and minimizes wrinkles. It is proven to be more effective for treating dehydrated hyperkaryotic and hyperpigmented skin. Recommended for all skin types including sensitive skin and skin with acne. 

Series of 6 recommended for optimal results.


 (approximately 45 minutes) - $70.00


Series of 6 Packages: $370


Use of Pevonia Glycoside Cream prior to peels enhances results


Note: discontinue use of any Retin A product 2 weeks prior to service.  Lactic Acid Peel can commence 2 months after discontinuing the use of Accutane.


Note: To achieve maximum benefits from specialty facials, series of 3-6 glycolic or lactic acid peels may be recommended prior to the service. This assures maximum absorption of the products for outstanding results.