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Xtreme Lashes


Have luscious, full, thick eyelashes that look and feel natural.

Now you can have the same eyelash extensions that all of Hollywood is raving about. Eyelash extensions are used by models and celebrities nationwide and now you can have them too!
Xtreme Lashes are semi permanent eyelashes that can last up to two months, sometimes longer. They look and feel natural and are relatively weightless. Xtreme Lashes are water resistant for worry free swimming or showering.
Technicians at Boardwalk Spa have received training and certification from the Xtreme LashesTM headquaters in Houston, Texas to apply these fantastic eyelash extensions.
Full Set: $250.00 (1Hr 30 Minutes-2Hrs)
Full Set Thick: $260.00 (2Hrs-2Hrs 30 Minutes)
Extension Enhancement: $50.00
FULL SET INCLUDES A SMALL OR MEDIUM FILL FREE- Must be performed within 2 weeks of initial application.
After application of a full set, refills are recommended every 2 to 4 weeks.
Refill Prices
1-10 Lashes per eye $25.00
11-19 Lashes per eye $50.00
20-25 Lashes per eye $75.00
Greater than 25 Lashes per eye is considered a new set.